Yoga with Lisa Powell in Hastings and St Leonards

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1-2-1 guided relaxation sessions including massage & breathing techniques

  • learn to release physical, mental and emotional tension
  • enter deeper states of consciousness
  • rest and rejuvenate the body and mind
  • let go on all levels

Guided Relaxation: Stillness & Peace by Lisa Powell

By reconnecting to your natural ability to relax you can enhance the quality of your life and improve your physical and mental health immensely. By listening to this CD in a quiet relaxed space the body and mind will begin to let go of inner tension and you will reconnect to a deep sense of stillness within.

On this CD there is a short introduction as well as a simple technique of how to let go within 3 breaths, then there are 3 different guided relaxations to choose from.

Cost of the CD is 10 including postage and packaging.

Guided Relaxation: Stillness & Peace by Lisa Powell
Contact Lisa on:

01424 445653 or 07733 395065

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