Yoga with Lisa Powell in Hastings and St Leonards

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I have found my pregnancy yoga with Lisa extremely beneficial and cannot emphasise enough how important this has proven to be during my pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga - Angie

Lisa has been teaching yoga to staff members during lunch breaks at this work place for over 3 years. Yoga helps us cope with our stressful work environment and the exercises undoubtedly improve our physical and mental well-being.

Yoga - Anne

Yoga has enabled me to successfully manage a back problem caused by scoliosis and now I have no noticeable side effects. In addition, I generally feel calm and stress free.

Yoga Therapy - Caroline

I would just like to say a big Thank you for a lovely time at Huzur Vadisi.
Although the place was beautifully serene I've got to say that it was YOU that made it special with your thoughtfulness and consideration to us all.
I enjoyed every part of the experience from sleeping in a yurt, the gorgeous vegetarian food to the 4 hours of yoga each day - could really see it in my body, starting to become toned. Love to you, namaste

Yoga - Leyla

For me, the key was the yoga, I already realised that your style of yoga was what I had been looking for, the combination of physical and spiritual teaching, was what my body had been craving. I wanted to learn as much as I could, absorb as much as I could and I think the holiday achieved this. Although we were a mixed ability group the daily sessions catered for us all, your teaching felt very individual and I appreciated some exercises being added because they would help with my personnel physical issue. I certainly felt I could push myself during the morning session, whilst the afternoon session was more nurturing. It was lovely to have so much equipment at hand, the blocks and straps etc gave me the confidence to try some postures that I was apprehensive of. I also appreciated being challenged in other ways, the silence was hard at first but I soon realised what you were trying to achieve through it. I also enjoyed the walks and writing tasks, which usually led me to re evaluate some of my thoughts. The whole experience was all and more than I expected, I left feeling stronger, both physically and mentally, having met some lovely people and having had a fantastic holiday.

Yoga - Sarah

After a very tricky few years, I found myself on a mountain in Turkey with Lisa 'YOGA' Powell. It was without question the most extraordinary time out I have ever had. The combination of Lisa's ability to hone in on everyone's strengths and weaknesses, coupled with her unquestionable empathy and teaching style, and the uniqueness of the mountain resort, complete with Praying Mantis, goats, wild boar and crickets left me feeling complete, healthy and at peace. A priceless experience, and one that I will treasure for a lifetime. Thank you Lisa for making it so special. I particularly loved the Pyjama song"

Yoga - Debi

Hi Lisa,
I have been meaning to contact you to let you know that my daughter Aisha was born happy and healthy on 28th June and to let you know that I had a great labour, largely due I believe to your pregnancy yoga sessions. I had a long traumatic labour with my first child and was expecting something similar again. I was pacing myself in terms of energy and pain relief but was fully expecting to use at least gas and air, but the labour was over much more quickly than I anticipated leaving us all a bit shocked but all was well. I had her at home with no drugs needed. I used movement and sound, as learnt in your lessons, I only had the really horrible pain for the last 30 minutesish of the labour, the rest was fine. And unlike my first experience of labour, I can remember everything about the labour and actually remember it fondly so thank you so much for your input into this!

Pregnancy Yoga - Ruth

I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for the Pregnancy Yoga.
It has been hugely beneficial for me to regain my strength and to be able to pull the focus back to my centre as I was just about to completely unravel. Thank you for creating the space for me to remember how strong and resourcefull I am and to wonder and marvel again at the power I have to make it through pregnancy and birth.
with love & light

Pregnancy Yoga - Marie-Louise

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