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Yoga Holidays
Unwind on this luxury yoga holiday in Puglia, Italy Luxury two destination yoga and Atlas Mountain walking holiday, Morocco
Please click here to view details of our forthcoming yoga holiday in Italy... Please click here to view details of our forthcoming yoga holiday in Morocco...

Preparing for your next holiday; but you wouldn't like to miss your yoga class and what it's doing for your body & mind, or perhaps you've always wanted to try yoga but never given it a go. Why not combine the two and head for a yoga holiday. You've heard so much about yoga and its benefits at de-stressing and invigorating your entire mind-body system. Experience these benefits on your next break.

A unique experience
A yoga holiday provides a conducive environment to let go and unwind on a deep level. By working with the body and the mind on a daily basis we start to release long held tensions and emotions bringing about a state of wellbeing physically and mentally. Through this you get a wonderful fuller feeling at the end of your holiday, which lasts weeks.

Tools for life
A yoga holiday provides you with tools that help you cope with all that life has to offer. Yoga postures not only tone and stretch the body but by releasing deep seated physical tensions we automatically release deep seated emotional and mental tensions. Yoga breathing techniques revitalise and energise the body, meditation techniques draw you inward beyond the level of the mind and deep relaxation techniques allow you to let go and rest deeply. By the end of the week you will feel completely revitalized on all levels.

Peaceful surroundings
My yoga holidays are held in beautiful, quiet surroundings, close to nature or at places where there is a lot of raw positive energy. Quiet surroundings, wonderful walks nearby, delicious food and plenty of time to unwind are just a few things you can look forward to.

Exploring the area
Our week is not just about the yoga, there is also plenty of time to lie by the pool, take walks in the surrounding area and day trips are arranged for those interested in getting out and about.

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