Monthly Themed Courses

Held via Zoom

Take yoga to a deeper level.
Embrace the philosophy and stories that yoga has to offer you.
Let the lessons of yoga help you understand the nature of your own mind.


This December my online yoga classes will be focussing on the qualities of contentment, joy and kindness. What we imagine today becomes our tomorrow and each week we will intentionally create a mental image of a particular bhavana or quality that make us feel good. Studies have shown that regular imaginary practices by athletes can actually improve performance and positive psychology shows us that focussing on positive feelings or bhavanas (qualities) can lead to more creativity, resilience and happiness.

These courses include a pre-recorded class sent to you once payment is received and access to two live classes (one yin and one flow session).

Book now and let the lessons of yoga guide you to a place of peace and stillness within.