Deep Dive into the Elements

One day workshop

10 am – 5 pm on Sunday 20th November
Pett Village Hall, Pett

This one day yoga workshop is being hosted from 10 am – 5 pm on Sunday 20th November at Pett Village Hall, Pett. 

This workshop dives deeply into the Pancha Bhutas – yoga’s 5 elements of nature. There will be a discussion on the correlation of the elements to your senses, particular body parts as well as the chakras (energy centres) followed by some journalling before moving into the yoga practice.

We are all born with a particular combination of the 5 elements with some more dominant than others. This combination is what makes up your personal Dosha (constitution). With this deeper understanding of yourself you can begin to bring balance back into your life through choice-making and mindful awareness.


10am – 1045am Opening Discussion & Journalling

1045am – 1245pm Slow Flow Yoga with emphasis on Earth, Water & Fire

1245pm – 245pm Lunch (2-course lunch cooked by Lisa)

245pm – 315pm Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation – a shamanic journey through the elements)

330pm – 5pm Yin Yoga with an emphasis on Air & Ether


There is an early bird price of £60 if purchased before 13th November. Thereafter the price is £70. If you are an online member this workshop is included in your membership but only as a post-event recording (please note I may not always be visible on screen as I will be supporting those that are attending in person).

All attendees will receive the recordings of the three practices which can be accessed over a two week period and online members will have the recordings added to the library.