Introduction to the Elements

2 hour yoga workshop

10am – 12 noon Sunday 16th October
In-person at 68 St Helens Park Road, Hastings
or Livestream

This workshop is an introduction to the Pancha Bhutas – yoga’s 5 elements of nature. We start with an opening chat about the five elements and how they influence your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. A yoga practice will then follow which will include postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation inspired by the elements of earth, water, fire, air and either. The morning will end with tea and cake (made by Lisa). If we feel inclined and the weather is nice we may also go for a walk in the nearby St Helens Woods.


There is an early bird price of £25 if purchased before 9th October. Thereafter the price is £30. This is an in-person and livestream event. If joining in-person spaces are limited to 8 and all equipment is supplied by my home studio. There will be tea, cake and chats afterwards for those that have time. If joining livestream you will need wifi and your own yoga equipment. All attendees will receive the recording of the practice which can be accessed over a two week period.