Join Lisa’s virtual yoga studio for weekly livestream practices that include yoga, breath, journalling & intention setting to empower and transform your health and well-beingleading you to a place of equilibrium and bliss.

How do I know if Unveil Your Bliss is right for me?

If you’re looking for physical, mental and emotional freedom that gives you a spring in your step, gets you owning parts of yourself you’ve long ignored and leaves you with a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world then this online membership is perfect for you.

Are you…

A yogi looking for an online platform to support your personal practice?

Interested in yoga which goes beyond just the physical practice?

Wanting to tap into regular yoga classes that support your physical, mental & emotional well-being?

Looking to enquire into the very nature of who you are?

Then this membership is for you.

Unveil Your Bliss supports your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing as well as giving you the tools to have a deeper understanding of yourself in an ever changing world bringing you back again and again to your centre of equilibrium and bliss.

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