Yoga Classes during the Coronavirus outbreak

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 I no longer offer face-to-face classes. Instead I host live online classes via the Zoom app. My aim with these weekly classes is to bring positivity into your life, allow you to feel connected even if you are alone and leave you feeling grounded and at ease each and every time we practice together. 

Yoga is beneficial physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Each of my online sessions will include postures to keep you strong and flexible, breathing exercises to improve lung function, relaxation to calm and soothe and meditation to stay centred.

Why not join me for only £8 per week at the following times:

Tuesday 6-7pm

Thursday 630-745pm

Saturday 10-11am

To access these Zoom classes email me for further details

I am also offering a Free Friday meditation on Zoom. Click the link below to access this free meditation. You will need the Zoom Cloud Meeting app to be able to do this. It’s free and easy to use. I hope to welcome you to the virtual yoga world soon.

Let’s strive to stay positive, be kind to ourselves and others and feel gratitude for the simple things in life. Wishing you to stay safe and well.

As with anything this too will pass. Classes will then resume in person again.

Lisa x