About Lisa Powell

Hi, I’m Lisa Powell. I am a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and JourneyDance facilitator using the tools of yoga, breath and meditation to empower and uplift my students’ lives. I combine my love of yoga with my love of self-enquiry and have created a practice that is guided by the insight I receive from nature, teachers, books, spiritual texts and through practice. I have been inspired by many different styles and teachers since my first introduction to yoga in my early 20s and am deeply thankful to them all.

Nature is another of my teachers and I often receive insight and wisdom on my local walks with my pooch Harvey or on my travels abroad which I then share or theme around my classes.

One of my great loves is teaching yoga retreats abroad which I have been doing since 2010. I find being away for a week to 10 days is a truly transformative and enriching experience allowing students to delve deeply into the practices that yoga has to offer as well as bringing inspiration that travel and other cultures share. I spent much of my 20s travelling around the world being inspired by the magnificence of the natural world and the wonder of different cultures. This has truly allowed me to become the person I am today; one who is curious and always open to new adventure and learning.

Over the years I have taught thousands of students in village halls, yoga studios, gyms, retreat centres, music festivals, local businesses, schools and online. I created two online yoga memberships; Yoga-Bliss Membership and Yoga-Mini Membership to reach a wider audience and to share my love of yoga even further afield as well as two online courses; Learn to Meditate and Improve your Breath to help those that want to improve their health and wellbeing from home.

My wish is that all beings be happy and free. I strive to continue to learn, to release any grip of fear and conditioning, to step into my purpose with authenticity, to nourish my intuition and to share any gifts of learning or insight with others.

I am a trained yoga teacher, yoga therapist, restorative yoga teacher, prenatal yoga teacher, aerial yoga teacher, mindfulness teacher, JourneyDance facilitator and meditation teacher.

I am blessed to have received training from: Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Centre, Yoga Biomedical Trust, Rod Stryker, Francoise Freedman, Judith Hanson Lasater, Tias Little, Michael Stone, Shiva Rea, Toni Bergins and Sianna Sherman.