Zoom Yoga Classes available anywhere in the World…

Timetable of Zoom classes

For only £8 a week you receive the following:
  • One pre-recorded class sent to you on receipt of payment and available for a week

  • A live yin & relax yoga class every Tuesday from 6 – 7pm

  • A live uplifting flow class every Thursday from 630 – 745pm

For the cost of one yoga class you get 3 and you can choose how many you would like to join each week. You will never feel pressured to join all 3 and there are always beginners options for those new to the practice.

The joy of doing yoga in your own home is you don’t need to drive anywhere to get to a class. Log onto the class, roll out your mat and begin.

If you are missing a community vibe the two live classes will give you just that. Usually folks log on roughly 10 minutes before class starts and there’s some pre-class banter between students.

You definitely won’t feel alone if you join Lisa’s classes as she’s very welcoming to all her students.

All live classes are now recorded and sent so even if you miss the session you can catch up another time.

For more information or to book a place: