Later in the year a new Online Yoga Course will be launched

Lisa is launching her first online course in 2019. Yogic philosophy explains how each human being is comprised of five sheaths namely the physical, energy, mental, wisdom and bliss sheaths. These are called the Koshas. Think of a Russian nesting doll with the outer doll (the physical sheath) as being the layer we see and connect with the most but unseen and inside are 4 hidden dolls. Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The five Koshas make up who we are and encase the soul.
This online course will include 10 hours of content. Lisa will explain what the Koshas are and will include yoga sessions following the theme of Kosha. Asana, pranayama, meditation and deep relaxation will be included as well as some self-reflection questions to ponder between lessons. By the end of the course you will have a deeper understanding of the Koshas and of yourself.
Do you enjoy your regular yoga class but want to learn a little more about some of the philosophy? This online course will be perfect for you.